Thursday, January 7, 2016

What Frozen Pipes Say About Righteousness

I live in middle Georgia. Our winters here consist of an amalgamation of every season smashed into a three month period of time. Winter is not really a season here but more like the weather's equivalent of a medley. One day it will be eighty degrees and the next thirty. A few years ago we had an actual snow event. I'm talking a real - cover the ground, make snow men and have snow ball fights - snow event. I went out to my car with a ruler and measured eight inches of snow on top. It was the most snow I had ever seen! The grocery stores were out of milk and bread for a week! In true Georgia weather tradition, within twenty-four hours it was all melted and the temperature returned to seventy degrees outside.

Right now Georgia is experiencing some of the coldest weather I have seen. Last night it dropped to single digits and I'm talking real temp not wind chill. We simply aren't used to that. I beg you, please pray for Georgians because we are in danger of extinction over the next few days! ;-)

Anyway, Facebook was plastered last night with Georgians helping other Georgians remember to leave their water running. I heard the message of doom and heeded its call. I was not going to get caught up in the wretchedness of busted pipes. So I left the water running like I was told.
I went to bed last night feeling confident that the little trickle of water would be enough to keep it flowing. However, I woke up with frozen pipes. Really? But I left my water running! How can this be? Luckily the hot water side is still flowing so I have coffee! All is well.

As I was thinking about my pipe delemna it occurred to me there is a spiritual truth found in this. When seasons in our life try to destroy us, our righteousness (water) is what helps us survive. The water of righteousness washes away the filth that clings to us from a sinful world. The problem is, sometimes we miss it. Sometimes, when faced with a frigid winter of the soul, we take the wrong approach and end up in a season of pain and regret. There are three different approaches we can take when faced with the frigid temps of a soul-winter.

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